Tax Help in Georgia

Resolve your tax challenges effectively with our tax help in Georgia. Have you received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)? Our trained tax professionals can help.

Tax Resolution Service

If you are a low to moderate income taxpayer who cannot afford professional tax assistance during audits of your federal income tax return, you may qualify for help from JC Vision & Associates, Inc.'s tax resolution program. Our group has operated a program since 2003 that provides essential tax services to low and moderate income taxpayers residing throughout middle and southeast Georgia.

Our clinic provides representation to low income households who have a federal tax dispute with the IRS. Federal tax disputes are individual tax issues that may cause a taxpayer to owe the IRS. The debt may be caused by, but not limited to, EITC and child tax credit denials, audits, appeals, collections, tax liens, levy, etc. Also, if you have not filed your federal tax return for income earned during prior years, the IRS may consider you a non-filer, and you too may need assistance to resolve the non-filing issue. Our clinic can help you file those returns and resolve the tax issue. Once you have resolved the issue, ask about our mortgage default and foreclosure prevention services.

The determination of whether an individual is accepted as a client depends on the individual's financial situation and the elements of the tax issue/controversy. Individuals who seek to obtain representation from this organization must provide information relating to their financial status to determine qualification.

Volunteers Needed to Serve on Pro Bono Panel

If you are a tax attorney, certified public accountant or enrolled agent who is authorized to practice before the IRS; we need you to volunteer to serve on our pro bono panel. A pro bono panel consists of qualified representatives that do not charge for representing low-income individuals.

We need tax professionals to donate some of their time to help taxpayers resolve issues with the IRS. Every day our offices serve taxpayers that need our services, who cannot afford to pay market rates for professional assistance, especially during these economically challenging times. We cannot do it alone; we need your help now, because your help matters.