About JCVision & Associates, Inc.

Mission Statement
Our purpose is to identify financial solutions by providing tools that will increase economic resources, wealth and development for consumers and communities within southeast Georgia.

Vision Statement
The scope of our work aims to set the captive free from financial bondage.


Welcome to www.jcvison.com,  and we look forward to assisting you in becoming a more informed housing consumer and taxpayer.

Since 2000, JCVision and Associates, Inc., a faith-based organization, has proudly fulfilled its mission to improve lives through education, advocacy, and representation.  JCVision was established to help set the clients free from financial bondage, to restore sight to the financially blind and to point towards the acceptable way to financial independence.  NOTE:  JCVision and Associates, Inc. does not discriminate in the selection and participation of clients in its services or programs with respect to race, religion, color, sex, age, national or ethnic origin, familial status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or physical or mental disability, medical condition, employment, marital status, financial status or any other consideration made unlawful by federal, state, or local law.  

JCVision and Associates, Inc. is a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Approved Housing Counseling Agency and a Fair Housing Initiative Program (FHIP). Our agency has also received approval to operate as a Low Income Tax Clinic under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) § 7526.  Our organization also receives referrals for tenant/landlord resolution, homeownership counseling and mortgage foreclosure prevention services from the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, U.S. Department of Agricultural-Rural Development, U.S. Department of HUD and additional local community service partners.  Although JCVision receives funding from the mentioned federal and state agencies, JCVision, its employees, and its volunteers are not affiliated with or endorsed by  these entities or their employees.

For the past 19+ years, JCVision has educated over 25,000 Georgians to become better consumers, to know their housing rights, to adhere to their tax responsibilities, and to increase their wealth through homeownership.  The key to our success is providing quality counseling services and ensuring the clients are receiving current related information from professional and trained staff.

Our Team

Our staff consists of highly trained housing and tax specialists. We ensure our staff has the most up-to-date training and certifications. Our staff then disseminate this vital information to the public through outreach and educational activities, group workshops, and individual counseling. As a result our clients are more informed about the changing financial climate and how the changes will affect their future housing and tax responsibility decisions.

Please explore our website.  We encourage you to take advantage of our wide array of housing and tax services. Some of our services are free, while others we charge a nominal fee. Call our office for more details on prices and services:    (912) 877-4243

We look forward to helping you achieve your immediate housing, tax, and financial objectives.

Board of Directors

J. Leo Ingram – Board Chairperson – Retired U.S. Army
Mary L. Williams – Treasurer – Real Estate Industry and Military Spouse
Patricia O’Neary – Secretary – Retired U.S. Army and Community Advocate
Pamela Brown – Retired U.S. Army and Educational System
Larry Logan – Retired U.S. Army and Emergency Management Systems
Terry Lollis – Wounded Warrior and  Recovery Services
Barbara Nixon – Community Advocate and Military Spouse
Chris Stacy – Retired U.S. Army and Community Advocate
Marguerite West – Retired U.S. Army

Support the Vision

JCVision, a 501c3 tax exempt non-profit organization, has been established since March 2000. We have educated and provided counseling to over 25,000 households. Your support as a donor helps us to continue the important advocacy work with helping individuals, families and veterans with:

  • Homeownership - Pre and Post Education/Counseling
  • Mortgage HELP - Foreclosure Prevention and Counseling
  • Tax HELP -  Resolving tax issues
  • Fair Housing - Education/Counseling and Complaint Filing
  • Tenant/Landlord - Counseling and Resolution
  • Homelessness Prevention - Options and Referrals to community providers
$50 Sponsors 1 hour of Counseling Services for a family preparing to purchase their first home.
$150 Sponsors 2 hours of Advocacy and Counseling Services for a household facing foreclosure due to a hardship.
$500 Sponsors 5 hours of Advocacy  and 5 hours of Counseling Services for a family facing an unlawful eviction.
$1,000 Sponsors 5 hours of Advocacy for an elderly couple who received an IRS letter that their sole income source of SSI benefits will be levied.
$1,400 Sponsors fair housing tester training, complaint based testing, and advocacy for victims who believe their fair housing rights have been violated.
$2,000 Supports our annual Fair Housing Month Event held in April; aimed to educate housing consumers about their tenant and fair housing rights under the Act.
Other amount Please select the program you would like to see your donation make the most impact.